A Shiny New Pie - Raspberry Pi, that is

So although I may have missed the boat a bit, I finally got around to ordering myself a Raspberry Pi (model B) from element13.. Two days later, and it arrived at my front door - wrapped up snugly in a whole bunch of bubble wrap waiting for me to start tinkering.

So far I’ve managed to get a fairly functional XBMC/raspbmc set-up going, however I still need to find a powered USB hub to get my old portable hard drive to work with the raspberry pi.

I think that this board can stay as a homebrew theatre system for now, and I’ll order a few more when I get the chance/time to tinker. I have a few other neat ideas for these little guys, and am also thinking of exploring other similar systems on a chip…

I’m not quite sure that I like having the exposed board sitting by the TV though, and I’ve yet to find any case that looks like it has enough space for what I want to get hooked up to this little baby, so I’m thinking that maybe it’s finally time to part with the sentimental value of my old NES console, gut the thing, and install my pi, along with a hard drive, WiFi adapter and some other goodies in its case…

Then I plan on modding the original game controller inputs and attach them via the gpio pins on the board, and have a fairly neat home theatre system/game console setup. The plus of using the NES case is that it has power switches and several other ports and whatnot, and also plenty of room to grow if I wish to add any extra components in the future…

Anyway, for now it’s all just a plan, but I’m probably going to go down this route - I’ll be sure to keep y’all in the loop with what happens.

Now, back to XBMC.

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