Another year, another Android app

So what better way to kick of 2013 than releasing something to Google play for all the other nerds out there.

The concept is simple – I wanna see live statistics about my SolusVM-based VPS servers, but the only other apps I found in the Play Store either didn’t do what I wanted, or didn’t work at all.

VPSMon is super simple, and gives you a quick overview of your VPS servers disk usage and bandwidth, and its current memory usage. You’re also able to boot, reboot and shutdown your machine at the touch of a button. This feature is kind of dangerous when you think about it though – you let your son play with your phone for a few minutes, and he manages to shut down some mission critical services. Ha. The next release will have optional password/pin protection on these functions – just a matter of plumbing it out.

Anyway, take a look at VPSMon on Google Play if you feel the need.

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