Science Sunday: RGB LED Power Consumption Calculator

Before delving much-too-far down the rabbit hole of flashy, over-engineered lamp repairs and Arduino funtimes, I thought it advantageous to take an educated guess at the maximum power consumption of replacing some existing LEDs in a friends now-exploded lamp with WS2812 “NeoPixel Stick” clones.

Num. LEDs {{ bgcolor }}
Red mA Green mA Blue mA Max mA
{{ out.rgbMa }}
Red % Green % Blue % Total Bright.
{{ out.totalBrightness | toFixed(2) }}%
Red Val Green Val Blue Val
{{ out.redVal }} {{ out.greenVal }} {{ out.blueVal }}
Power Usage
mA A Volts Watts
{{ | toFixed(1) }} {{ out.amp | toFixed(3) }} {{ out.watts | toFixed(2) }}

This calculator is not super-scientific.

On the off-chance you hate JavaScript, or would just prefer an offline version of this calculator, you can download an Open/LibreOffice or Excel spreadsheet version. There’s also a copy available on JSFiddle if you want to have a tinker.

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