The Current State of Melbournes Public Transport System

Tonight after leaving my house for work I was thoroughly dismayed when I found that I’d forgotten to grab my MyKi smartcard before running for the train.

I remember a day not all too long ago when this wouldn’t be an issue. You would simply buy a two-hour metcard ticket and be on your way. However tonight after fare evading on the country train I catch to the city, it was much to my discontent that there are now officially no longer any metcard machines in service on the CBD network.

If only it were possible to purchase a temporary paper smart card in situations like this, however it’s a scenario that seems to have been either overlooked or dismissed by the money hungry powers that be.

The technology and infrastructure seemingly already exists, as country towns such as Ballarat still have available temporary (2-hour/daily) tickets that work with the shiny new Myki system. So why not implement such a thing in the city where it would be of substantially more help to thousands if not millions of people every day.

Perhaps the government wants to track our every move, perhaps they just want the $6 it costs for a replacement smartcard.

Either way, as I stand here fare evading on a cramped tram, I’m in a thoroughly displeased mood as I’m sure many others are every single day.

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