The World Didn't End

It would seem that the world didn’t end on the 21st of this month, as predicted by the ancient Mayans, which means that tomorrow is still Christmas day, and that there is only one week left of 2012.

And man has it been a hell of a year. We’ve all seen a dramatic increase in the number of ‘memes’ scattered throughout our newsfeeds and timelines, danced way too many times to Gangnam Style, and decided that Aztec patterns are the new black. However, although these fads will eventually fade back into the nothingness from whence they came, the people I have met and relationships I’ve forged over these past 12 months will hopefully live on for years to come.

I’m not sure that I’ve achieved quite as much as I’d hoped to this year – but who does, really?

I’ve worked most weekends rather than dancing the nights away with the other lads, taught myself a little Java (and inadvertantly found myself in a pickle due to my new skills), brought this blog to its current state from its meager beginnings as lone, empty text file, and probably a few other interesting things along the way.

I’ve done a little tech work successfully here and there for people, applied for more jobs than ever, but mostly spent a lot of my time starting on projects and ideas that I soon after forgot about or have shelved for a ‘rainy day’.

In the 12 months that follow this week I’d like to change a few things about the way I tackle certain situations. This isn’t a new-years resolution, more of a favour that I am asking myself to follow through with. From here on, I need to finish what I start, I need to have more fun, I need to let go the things that are holding me back from achieving what it is I truly want from life.

We all have the ability to move mountains, we just need to find the determination.

On that note I’ll leave you to your own quiet contemplation about the year gone by, and wish you all the best for 2013.


It seems censors have broken Pop Danthology 2012. Dicks.
Slightly less fantastic without the video.
Shikata ga nai

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