Should haves; Would haves; Could haves; OR How version control could have saved my ass

So lately I’ve been working on a few projects in my spare time (Which, I might add, I’ve had a lot of the past few weeks), and things have been going swimmingly.

I’m finally coming to grips with the intricacies of Java, and have a little Android app that is almost ripe for the picking.

I have also been getting down and dirty with a little Perl, having build a decent framework for a CMS for a friend.

However this afternoon I noticed a few weird error messages showing up in my terminal as I was ‘cd’ing around. Now I find out that at least one of the partitions on my hard drive has become fairly corrupt.

This is all good though, I have several partitions, so if one borks it, then the stuff I care about is fine, as it’s on a separate partition, correct?.. Not this time. Unfortunately around a fortnight worth of hard coding is gone thanks to todays little incident.

Which leads me to the point of this post.

May this page, forever etched into this corner of the internet, stand here as a reminder that all developers - big and small - should take that little bit of effort to set up, and USE version control and make regular backups. I have GitHub and BitBucket accounts, and yeah, there’s a few old projects in there. But if I’d been a little more diligent, and taken maybe 5 minutes to set up a repo and commit my work, then I wouldn’t be faced with the task of essentially rewriting code.

I also have a few USB drives laying around, not to mention a few large spindles of CD/DVD ROMs, as I’m sure most of the technically savvy do. I implore you all to get out of your (un)comfy chairs, get them, and write to them. Pile bits and bytes onto them until they can no longer take it. Make copies of everything, get your housemate, your grandma, your boss’ sister to keep a copy safe for you because you’re never going to know when you’ll need them.

Anyway, to cut a longwinded and mostly pointless post short


the end

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