I just want to work with cool technology and make a positive impact on the world

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2018 β†’ Current
Solutions Developer
Psychology Consulting
node.js sails.js postgresql vue.js redis nginx debian gitlab-ci gitlab startup
"Full Stack" - Working to create a real-time social platform for a niche lifestyle group using Node.js & Vue, and maintaining the infrastructure required to keep it all running.
2012 β†’ Current
System Administrator
TransForum Pty Ltd
plesk debian proxmox dovecot nginx apache perl python salt stack
Provisioning, monitoring & maintenance of hardware/software for client-facing web & email hosting services. In an age of clouds and auto-scaling, sometimes it's nice to find yourself tangled up in a mess of CAT-6 cables.
April 2019
Apparently I know some stuff about JavaScript.
July 2015 β†’ Feb 2018
Retail Store Manager
HGC Administrative Services
Variety is the spice of life. This position saw me in a management position, running the day-to-day, staffing, administration and inventory requirements of a boutique retail store.
Mike Dewhirst
Jarrod is a very talented developer and sysadmin. He has the sysadmin's devotion to duty and the developer's passion for solving problems. He has looked after us as a customer and we appreciate that.
July 2014 β†’ Jan 2015
IT Consultant
Loyalty Pacific Pty. Ltd.
perl batch java git jenkins
Development & support for a leading customer loyalty & rewards program.
COBOL, anyone? 😌
2013 β†’ Present
node.js postgresql solr
ZHDictζ˜―εœ¨η·šζΌ’θ‹±θ©žε…Έ πŸ“• Online Chinese-English dictionary & Study thingy
Oct 2013 β†’ June 2014
System Administrator
DDNS Pty. Ltd.
plesk centos mysql windows server php whmcs
Planning, testing & deployment of physical datacenter move for 1000+ hosted client web and email services. Daily operations of one of Australia's oldest domain registrars.
June 2010 β†’ Sept 2012
Software Developer
ShopZ Pty. Ltd.
php magento perl catalyst postgresql solr
node.js networking dabbling
A collection of tools to help simplify system administrator life